La Vista Ecological Learning Center

A Ministry of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate

Offering programs and resources for living consciously within the Integrity of Creation

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An emerging worldview that fosters an ecological consciousness of the integrity of creation is represented in the panoramic view above. To the right, stacks of a coal burning power plant are diminishing as our awareness expands. Join La Vista atop these bluffs and learn to nourish a sustainable, viable and resilient life!

Come, Broaden Your Vision at La Vista!

"By transforming our consciousness we participate in the transformation of the world."
- Robert Thurman


"An inadequate understanding of our place and purpose as humans in the natural order of things has brought us to the current reality of Earth in severe crisis. Industrialized societies are unraveling Earth's fabric of life. This unraveling is not simply due to a failure of religious or moral values. It is, rather, our framework for thinking and action that must change. Seeing our context as a continuously developing Universe suggests a radically different understanding: Earth is a living planet and our human species is a single thread in a seamless garment of life." – Miriam MacGillis, OP

La Vista's 2015 "Exploring the Sacred Universe" Earth Literacy Program will be held from Tuesday, August 4 – Tuesday, August 11. Please join us for a transformative week as we explore a contemporary scientific understanding of the evolution of the Universe, Earth, life, and human consciousness as a single unfolding process.

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